Justice Entrepreneurs Project

The Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP) is a network of independent lawyers who are committed to making quality legal services accessible and affordable for regular people. Lawyers in the JEP offer fixed fees and flexible representation options (like unbundled, a la carte services) to help accomplish this. Their practices seek to be client-centered, emphasize approachability and collaboration between the attorney and client. To see the principles and service standards JEP lawyers all commit to or to give feedback on an experience with a JEP lawyer, visit this page.

Lawyers in the JEP currently assist clients in the following areas:

  • Family Law – including divorce, spousal support, child support, custody, visitation and orders of protection
  • Landlord/Tenant – including eviction proceedings and security deposit claims
  • Consumer Law – including debt collection issues, consumer disputes and Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Estate Law – including wills, probate and guardianships
  • Employment Law – including discrimination and wage claims
  • Small Business/Non-profit – including business formation, contracts and intellectual property issues
  • Real Property Law – including foreclosure proceedings and real estate purchase/sale
  • Criminal misdemeanors, traffic tickets, license suspensions and ordinance violations
  • Immigration Law – including visas, residency, naturalization and asylum

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This website is intended for potential clients and referring attorneys who want to connect with a lawyer in the JEP.  For general information about the JEP please click the button to the right to visit the Chicago Bar Foundation’s website.