Sussetthe Renteria

Sussethe Renteria is a daughter of Mexican migrants. As a Latina, she has first-hand knowledge of the impact of discrimination on the Spanish speaking community. At a very young age she witnessed how language barriers and obstacles have negatively affected her community. Due to this, she has always strived to help.

Sussethe’s practice focuses on criminal defense. Her work experience allows her to have a unique approach in her criminal defense cases. Her background in substance abuse counseling helps her to empathize with her clients throughout their cases. Simultaneously, her experience as a prosecutor at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office gives her an advantage in negotiations for her clients.

During her free time, Sussethe enjoys giving back to her community. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she advocated for employment placement and school readiness for teen parents in high school. Now, Sussethe has partnered with a local high school to advocate for minority students that are vulnerable to the school-to-prison pipeline. She works closely as a mentor to students, encouraging them to focus on their education and possibly getting them interested in law school. She provides countless hours of pro bono services to the migrant community. She has traveled to Matamoros, Mexico to assist asylum seekers with their asylum applications.

Sussethe can be reached at (708)669-9969 or