Aaron Korson

As the Founding Partner of Chicago Family & Immigration Services, LLC, a successful and thriving law firm in downtown Chicago, Aaron T. Korson provides advice and legal counsel to individuals and families from all backgrounds – with a particular focus on family law, divorce, child custody, immigration, probate, guardianship, estate planning, wills, and trusts. As a dedicated and focused litigation attorney, Mr. Korson has assisted clients who are in the most dire need of services.

Before starting CFIS, Mr. Korson was heavily involved in civil  litigation matters. As Mr. Korson continued on with his career, he identified a sincere need for quality legal services at affordable pricing. The law firm that he founded knows that the world changes and the needs of people change . That is why CFIS continues to offer flexible solutions to every day legal problems.

Please reach out to Mr. Korson or any of the staff by calling (312) 210-9614 or email info@chiattorney.com.  This firm charges $100 per consultation.