India Rios

India Rios is the principal attorney of the Seven Eleven Law Group. India is committed to helping entertainers, entrepreneurs, and creatives secure a strong legal foundation for their business while building generational wealth and a timeless legacy. India’s practice is centered around business formation, reorganization, and brand protection. India offers a wide variety of trademark registration, opposition, and litigation services.

One thing that separates India from every attorney you know is her relentless work ethic and her commitment to providing exceptional service to her clients at affordable rates. As a veteran, the United States Navy laid the foundation for India’s work ethic and her meticulous attention to detail. Competent legal representation is hard to find and law firms with exceptional service standards are practically obsolete. The 711 Law Group is dedicated to finding solutions to your legal problems. India can be reached at via email at This firm charges a $250 one-hour consultation fee or a 20-minute potential client discovery call for $50. Feel free to schedule a discovery call here.