Joanna Long

Joanna Long is the principal owner of Long Law Group with offices in Chicago and Naperville. Joanna helps families in the areas of estates, wills, probate, and real estate. Joanna earned her law degree from The University of Illinois Chicago Law School.  In 2013, Joanna launched her own firm through the JEP and has assisted thousands of clients since. Joanna was named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers in 2017-2023. Joanna has volunteered her time with multiple Chicago legal aid organizations and today sits on the junior board for the Chicago Bar Foundation. Joanna is a dedicated legal advocate with a passion for the advancement of equal access to justice. Joanna aims to bring a holistic approach to the practice of law to ensure her clients feel taken care of during difficult times in their lives.

Joanna can be reached at 312-344-3644 or email This firm charges a consultation fee of $150 depending on the type of case.