Michael Norton

Michael is a dedicated traffic lawyer who puts his inside knowledge of court and city procedures to work for you. After spending 4 years as a prosecutor for the City of Chicago, Michael changed course and started working for the People of Chicago. He founded Norton Advocates so that he could change the way people think about purchasing legal services. Now, you can be done with the whole case in 15 minutes instead of spending hours and hours inside a courtroom, talking to an attorney, or at traffic safety school. Combining technical experience with prices starting at $54.99 and an online portal that makes hiring an attorney about as hard as ordering a pizza, you’ll be satisfied with Norton Advocates or your money back, GUARANTEED! See website for details.

To check out our services or to initiate a case, go to www.nortonadvocates.com – just add to cart! Michael can be reached at (312) 463-9003 or at mn@nortonadvocates.com. This firm does not charge a consultation fee.