Sussethe Renteria

Sussethe Renteria is the Founder and Principal attorney of Renteria Law Group. Her previous experience as a substance abuse counselor and clerkship with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office allows her to uniquely approach the cases she works on. Her background allows her to proceed her cases with empathy and begin with an advantage in negotiations for her clients.
Sussethe does not only assist in the legal field, but engages in community outreach during her free time. Most of her community work is done through her partnership with a local high school to advocate for minority students in her goal to sever the school-to-prison pipeline. Sussethe also takes on the role of a mentor to students in high school, undergraduate universities, and law school. She believes greatly in giving back to her community and has proven so by providing countless hours of pro bono services to asylum seekers in Matamoros, Mexico.
Sussethe can be reached at (708)669-9969 or This firm charges $100 for an in-person consultation.